Helen Miller owner of Miller Upholstering has enjoyed learning the many different styles of sofa's and the unique manufacture of each, from late 18th century through the 1980s and 90s.  As you can imagine, it is a big project to wrangle the large sofas and sectionals!  Helen has decided to not do them anymore.  It may be difficult to understand, but sofas that are removable cushions such as open frame wicker, rattan and danish styles, yes!  Because that is actually a cushion job with sometimes a light spring, webbing or platform repair.  Daybeds that double as sofas - yes! Loveseats and chaise lounges...yes!  All if 1985 or older.  This includes outdoor furniture.  Thank you for considering Miller Upholstering to restore your sofa and please enjoy the images of Sofa's Past.