Re: Upholstery Basics Class

A busy summer delayed a new set of upholstery and craft classes I've been wanting to offer. Finally,  I've got some scheduled for September. These are geared for adult learners who have an interest in upholstery but have never picked up the proper tools or methods.

Each night is a complete 2 hour class, enough time to understand all aspects of beginning upholstery and get a single surface done.  From take-down, to repadding, reupholster and trim (if called for) a single pad "slip-seat" or single surface upholstered item.

Weeknight classes (6:30 - 8:30/9) will have a base fee of $65 per person with use of all tools and upholstery supply, no need to run around town trying to collect foam, cotton, cording etc - that is all here.  Tools are for sale at Miller Upholstery, should you find you like the use of them and plan to do more upholstering.  All materials and supply used for your project will be payable to Miller Upholstering upon completion of your beautifully finished item. This will vary person-to-person, as some people will use foam, others cotton+felt, some will use dacron only, etc. Don't know what that means? Not to worry - you will soon know more than you ever wanted about stuffings/padding, fabric and their applications in upholstery!

Flat pads don't use a lot of supply so their cost stays low, while 2" and 3"  foams, cotton and other natural fibers will cost more.  Most will be well under $75 in material supplies.

Miller Upholstering's fantastic selection of textiles, vinyl and leather is available at 20% discount to class registrants.

Most take a week to ship, so consider the scheduling of your class accordingly. You may bring your own fabric too, of course but it must be approved first for suitability to project.

All fabrics and projects must be approved by upholstery instructor Helen Miller prior to class.  Email images or schedule time to stop in with items for approval via Be sure to give me your phone number so I can call you for payment that secures your place in class or paypal $65 to

Continue reading to see what's right for this class.

We will begin with the basic "slip-seat" most common in a dining chair's upholstered pad-on-board:

but can also be in the form of a footstool:

Vernor Panton's Geometri upholstered foam-on-board attached to victorian iron footstool $200

Buy Now


Round shapes often have a drawstring sewn along a cut edge for a clean fit and upholstered finish underneath  An accent side chair:

Both of these were a client's "slip-seats".  The shield back's cushion (black fabric w/ white lines) has a height of 3"(foam on board) and the ladder back with black printed white linen is a domed flat seat 1-2" height, cotton over a very flat spring. Different techniques and materials were used on each resulting in different costs.  Though they appear the same kind of seat, they are not.

Looks like it'd be far more complicated, but this 70s chair is a simple slipseat: removable framed board (sinuous sprung) that gets the single upholstered application that you can learn in this class A (small) bench top:

This was for a bedroom - vanity dresser bench (another 3" foam top on board) and bolster for the bed sewn from extra fabric ordered.  Original bench top was flat pad upholstered (less than 1") but client wanted some cush so 3" was used.  When ordering great fabric from Miller Upholstering, don't forget you get 20% off. This is Hackney Empire by

House of Hackney

How do you like these pups? HOH Puma's in the same print.

Even a headboard can be regarded as the same because some are simply a board upholstered over  foam in a single application.

Learn the basic approach and materials for ONE CHAIR and then you can go home and upholster all the radiator covers, camper, boat, RV boards...pick a board, any board - and upholster to your hearts desire.

What are these?! Arm pads and seat board for a riding lawnmower I think... or cherry picker belonging to

A Tree Service

Many of you are asking for the return of Side Chair Weekend Workshops, but my workroom is too full so there's no room for learner's projects.  I recommend Blue Sky Gallery and Funky Little Chair for ongoing upholstery instruction.