The Bells Are Ringing...

All around us this August.  This Saturday August 3rd, Miller Upholstering will be closed to attend the wedding of a Client-Turned-Friend - which can happen sometimes, and it's great when it does!

Here's how it happened with this particular friend.  When I first opened the shop 5 years ago, another Client-Turned-Friend (we'll call him "Chair Whisperer") had emailed me a craigslisting for an odd looking modern modified swivel wingback chair and said, "You should get this.  It looks cool." 

So I did because it had a very different contour and I intended to reupholster it and resell it - or better yet, find the  person who'd order customization of it to fit in with their own aesthetics, because I really was keen to redo this shape and chair.

I put it in shop window for a display and not 1 day later, a woman from the neighborhood walking her dog saw it in the window and excitedly tapped on the glass for me to open door (I wasn't open when dressing this particular window) and she said, "ohmigod, did you just get that on Craigslist?!  Because I wanted that chair and when I called about it, they said "too late! An upholsterer is coming for it!! Is it for sale?! I want it! I'll pay you to do it!!" So of course, that's what I'm here for, so I said just as excitedly "YES! YES! Let's pick you out a fabric...!" .

Please excuse all the exclamation marks, but it was just that enthusiastic.

I thought I took pictures of the chair finished in Robert Allen Design fabric "Pop BK/Charcoal" ...but I can't find them at the moment.  When I delivered the chair and saw her home interior and an amazing collection of art, artist' supply and projects ... and she showed me her trunk of vintage kimono silks, which bonded us immediately - she told me she needed a few more things from my shop - this danish chair...which she wanted to match the new upholstery of the modified wing swivel...

and a little black lacquered asian stool I had at the time.   We both have such busy schedules that it's hard to find time to hang out, but

we liked each other so much immediately - that when she invited me to her wedding, I have to go and am truly honored.  So that's why I'm closed this Saturday. Back to work on Monday (maybe a little Sunday too).  Have a good weekend!