2013 LoLa Art Crawl

The 5th Annual Longfellow neighborhood art crawl is upon us and it's an extremely busy time...


I need to "close"   8-14 through Tues. 8-27, though I'll be here working, finishing current projects with as little interruption as possible, preparing for the LoLa Artcrawl AND throwing a Pre-Nup party for my daughter who's getting married in Sept. in the UK (for which time I'll need to close again for week, but more on that later). When it rains, it pours!  If you need immediate attention - leave a message on the shop phone 612-729-1841 or email- especially if it's regarding quotes/future work...don't forget to include images!  I'm currently booking new work for early-to-mid October.

If you've not attended LoLa Art Crawl, you definitely should to see some creative home studio environments and the artist's work for show and sale. As you walk, drive and bike around this large neighborhood, you can see why it was named 2013 City Pages Best Neighborhood.  I'm happy to have my upholstery shop situated on busy E. Lake Street, the commercial heartbeat of Longfellow neighborhood.

In the past LoLa crawl's I've had upholstery/textile focused collaborations between myself and a few guest artist friends, like a mash-up of Glen Riddle's assemblage and my upholstery work.

Pamela Gaard's mixed media textile works and imagery again with upholstery applications

Textile artist Rhesa Schwartz was my first guest collaborator in 2010, to a newly opened Miller Upholstering

 We always have treats so that our Artcrawlers don't collapse during the event, for lack of food or hydration

This year it'll be all my own works and I'm brushing off my rustic furniture, piecework and felted wool chops to bring you some new pieces - benches and small things mostly, since they seem to be the most useful in any household be it apt, house or patio... but it's a secret until the weekend of the 24th!