Turned Heel Hand Knitted Socks

Turned Heel Hand Knitted Socks


Presented by Jill Miller
6:30-8:00 pm (7 to 9 for those who come late)
$65.00  (minimum 3 people, max 12)

Class / Instructor Details

Jill is an innovative educator creatively working with the minds of children for 20+ years in the Twin Cities as an elementary school teacher at IHM/St. Thomas Moore school, and also now teaching Northside 3rd graders the 3 R's and -  knitting! Scarves and mittens for charity, family and themselves. She is quite simply amazing and you will enjoy her class immensely!

Two classes with 3 weeks of time to complete a pair of the most sensuous socks one could ever wear - hand-knitted from comfy fibers of your choice with instructor recommendations. Learn the technique for a perfectly fitting sock that transcends fashion and history.  

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